Timed Target Shooting what does it mean?

Timed Target Shooting, means you're going through a course, with different targets to shoot. Meanwhile we time you. The fast you are the better highscore you get!


When you start the game, you type in your "name" then click play. When you are at the course, you can press ESC to open a menu for changing of the aim sensitivity. 


Once you feel like you're setup, move through the corridor, once you move past the red line in the ground. The timer starts, the time ends at the other red line. To retry once you're done, shoot the red block.

Development log


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You're game is very cool! The animations, movement and everything is very good.

The only thing you need to do is keep working on it, what you've made so far is a really good start.

I'd love to see more gamemodes, like TDM , vs Bots, Zombies and others. I just mean that you should have more stuff that the player can do, though this is just a recommendation.

Good luck, I'd love to see the finished product.

Thanks for the warm words. To your suggestions, this small demo of a bigger game im working on atm. This was just a small weekend project to learn some new stuff like API integration and such.

The bigger project is a Zombie Wave survivor in the spirit of Nazi Zombies from Call of Duty series.